-Remote head Package

Two heavy duty 2' extensions, and a remote head camera bracket (spoonbill).

Two stainless steel rigging cables and outriggers. The remote extension increases the maximum travel to 11'6 (3.50m)

(remote package shown with centercable and stand from Light-Weight package) 




 -Light-Weight Package (in conjuction with above mentioned remote)


 -Mitchell offse(short, exchangeble and fixed)




-Adjustable Low-angle 


-Four-way leveling head


-Euro riser (fit's on shown Mitchel fulcrum adapter)



The Aerocrane Jib can be equipped with an integrated encoding package.

Scancom® encoders with 5000 pulses/rev on a 8:1 ratio can be built-in to both pan and tilt axes. In conjunction with a General-lift® serial box, this will generate 444 pulses per degree on both axes. In addition, reflective opto switches provide a zero reference mark, which is adjustable on the pan.





The Aeroslider can be mounted on the Aerocrane Jib Arm, enhancing the arm's versatility. 
The Aeroslider
 compensates for the boom arc, and makes horizontal camera moves possible without moving the dolly base. 

The Aeroslider has a travel of 23.5” (0.60m). The travel is achieved by hardened stainless steel rods through precision linear bearings. The result is flawless travel and quiet operation, with zero tolerance, allowing for use during live action.

The Aeroslider is engineered for optimum performance with the Aerocrane Jib Arm, but can be used on any equipment when mounted on a Mitchell or Euro-coupler, making the Aeroslider even more versatile. The Slider is not currently in production, although a one-off could be produced at great cost to the customer. 


-Flightcases (external supplier)

The complete Jib can be transported in two flight cases. The remote package travels in an additional third case.



Aerocrane, sealed lead counterweights of 24.25 lbs (11Kg) and 14.33 lbs (6.5Kg)